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Gpu's 6/7 very low double minig


Every time i do a double mining eth/ton, eth/erg…
the gpu’s 6/7 are very low

thank you in advance for your answers.

Remove power limit, lower your core clock instead to reduce power draw. Also it takes a while to tune the first time after upgrading.

ok ty, i will do that

always the same.
everything has been working very well since September, and suddenly it appeared and since then it has remained like that…

If you open the miner inside the shell you can see if it’s still trying to get past lhr locks on that card, as I mentioned above, continue lowering the memory clocks and rebooting, let it tune for at least an hour and eventually you should get back up to the performance you had before. The new lolminer needs lower memory on some early Hynix 3060ti (v1 Hynix) but you should get better performance still even at a lower mem clock.

ok, thank you again for your answers.

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