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Gpu0 is getting less hashrate then others

Hello everyone!

Currently migrating to hiveos and faced a trouble. Gpu0 is getting less hashrate than others only on hiveos.

Default bios settings, except that enabled above 4g decoding. Motherboard is some chinese riserless thing, all the gpus are on risers.

The weirdest thing, that it works normal on windows. All the gpus are getting almost the same hashrate.

Booting on windows with 3 gpus getting stable 45 mhs on all of them. Rebooting to hiveos, getting 41mhs on gpu 0.

Connecting the other gpus, booting on windows with 8gpus, getting 45 on all of them, rebooting to hiveos, 27 on the first one, all the other are getting 45

Psus are well, this motherboard previously was occupied by 8x3070ti

Any clues where to start to seek?

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