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GPU won't mine if i set any OC


I have two RX580 4GB. I wanted to set them to mine VTC. But if I set OC on GPU 1 it won’t mine. GPU 0 start mining properly, but GPU 1 does nothing at all. If I delete all OC settings it start mining too.

Does anyone had the same issue?

is it so with any oc? are the card flashed with vbios?

yes it is, if is set for example the fan put all other leave it’s stops mining immediately.

i flashed the stock vbios back, but ist the same with that to.

mystery…intersting, will be following this one. Vbios is the right one…? hope u find solution

Yes, it’s wierd. I ceep trying, hope I find a solution. It can be that I’ve flashed the wrong vbios back. I will try it again.

I’ll tell you if you succeed.

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