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Gpu troubleshooting

are there any tools available to see when one of the GPUs crashes because the log only allows to see the first 4 to 5 seconds???

make sure logs are enabled, then you can check them after a crash.

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are there any other tools besides the log most of the time when it crashes won’t even notice minutes sometimes hours after it happens. thank you

Are you looking at the last log before the crash? Can you upload the last few lines from it?

it only shows me the last 4 to 6 seconds if I it go pass that I won’t be able to see Wish GPU crashes

did you read the first part of the picture i sent above? showing how to enable persistent logs and how to access

I did but it only shows me seconds of the mining log for example it just crashed like 6 minutes ago when I was away and when I check it only show the first 6 seconds I can’t see past that point in Windows I used to see at least 1 hr of the log that’s why I was asking if there is another way to see past those second

how are you accessing the log?

by clicking the hammer icon (miner Actions ) and then selecting miner log but again it only lets you see 4 to 6 seconds of it

Did you see he image in my initial reply? Try enabling logs and viewing them as it explains in text, im not saying to use the miner actions → miner log button as thats only the current log. Use mc to view past ones after enabling and rebooting