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GPU Trex MIner Keeps shutting down

I have a customer running HiveOS mining and we have re-installed the OS like 4 x and the GPUs keep failing after installation. This is the error we keep getting:

According to syslog the T-rex miner is shutdown by the system via Ctrl+c.
While it restarts other miners, it fails to restart the T-rex miner. This results in the issue we are presently having.
the customer currently has

3 x Geoforce RTX 3090

Any suggestions will be awesome

what cards and clocks?
on the latest kernel?
ever get any gpu driver errors?
memory temps under control?

here the information you are requesting. once again any help would be awesome

Flash the latest stable image first and troubleshoot after.

which Stable OS should we install.


We have done the latest stable OS and still the same result.

Post the updated Rig picture.
Post the text of the error shown in the worker interface.

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