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GPU temperature 511 is unreal

Been mining for about a month and about three days one of RX 570 4GB suddenly started sending out an 'Autofan: GPU temperature 511 is unreal, driver error" I’ve tried swapping the slot it’s connected to, the riser, the PSU cable, and even run it as the only gpu in the mobo. There are no signs of burning whatsoever on any of the components.

Besides the temperature error which shows up a few minutes after booting, the GPU is working fine with working display. Is this the sign of a faulty gpu?

Would really appreciate any help I could get thanks.

It’s an MSI Armor 4GB which has been working fine for about a week since I got it.

Rig specs are:
MSI Z170A Gaming M3
Intel Pentium G4400
1200HP PSU and Seasonic GX 550 PSU

1 to 4 PCIe Expansion Card

5x RX 570 4GB
1x RX 580 4GB
1x RX 480 4GB

Rig specs:
OS version - 0.6-203@210424
AMD Drivers - 20.40

Mobo Settings:
PEG0 - Gen 2 Speed
PCI Latency - 96 Cycles
4G Decoding - Enabled
HD Audio Controller - Disabled

Note: mining with teamredminer


Note: Had to take the card out which was reporting the error

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