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Gpu Stop Mining help pls

hiveos Problem … mining for 6h 10h and two gpus stops …
not only this gpus (in pic ) others stops sometimes with the same Problem in the rig
i Changed the Riser >> not work
i update all the gpus >> not work
i update hiveos >> not work
i update the gpu bios >> not work

and it show me this (look to pic) what is the Problem here?!

please help me ppl …

Reduce MEM,until you get stable work on the card.

i try alot and its same only work if lower MEM and get only 28mh…

I’m still working on the upgraded bios for Hynix cards with Asus I’m successful. I’m still testing EVGA, Zotak and MSI if I get a result of about 32mh/s I return the original bios and wait for more upgrades of the bios

good luck man

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