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Gpu showing malfunction

I got this new 1060 and when I connect it to the rig, it shows malfunction. The mobo I got is Biostar TB360 BTC PRO 2.0. No matter what slot I plug it in and no matter which psu I use, it still shows malfunction in HiveOS. I set 4g decoding to enabled, mining mode enabled, 4g mmo or something like that to enabled, disabled CSM and HD audio and set the PCI speed to Gen 1. The card works fine in Windows and doesn’t crash or anything during benchmarking. I also updated the drivers in Hive.

does it work in windows on the same machine, or a different one?

if a different one, try loading hive on the machine that it works in windows on.

you can also try running that gpu alone directly on the motherboard and see if its recognized.

if you have other 1060s showing correctly its not a driver issue, and no need to mess with that