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GPU receiving duplicate share.. then rejecting all shares thereafter

I’ve been mining Beam on LeafPool. I recently noticed that about every hour, or two, one of my GPUs receives a duplicate share. After rejecting the duplicate share, the GPU rejects all shares thereafter. The only way to stop it from rejecting, is to restart the miner. Has anybody else experienced this? Any help fixing this problem would be greatly appreciated… thank you…

Share duplicates it’s network or miner related things
There is seems like miner related things.
What you to do in this case:

  • nothnig
  • change miner version
  • change miner
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Thank you for your response!

Yes, I have a feeling it’s miner related, rather than the pool. I have AMD rx 580 cards and have not been able to get any of the other miners to work with Beam for some reason. I’m currently using GMiner, I would rather use BMiner, but every time I try switching, all of my cards hang on startup. I have not been able to figure out why. Perhaps I don’t have BMiner configured properly, I’m not sure, I’m still very new to HiveOS. Is there something I’m overlooking here? Do you have any ideas why my cards are hanging up when I try switching to BMiner? Any insight you could give me would be greatly appreciated… thanks…