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GPU Post Error: *ERROR* atombios stuck executing

I have an ASOS Vega56 on stock BIOS and today for the first time when booting up HiveOS the GPU won’t post with the error in of ERROR atombios stuck executingD830, A6AA and 9ACO. I have replaced every single cable, riser, power cords, different positions on the mobo, everything…

The mobo recognizes the card. I took the card off my rig and put into my home PC and it works fine so it has to be a Ubuntu issue.

Anyone have any different ideas on what to troubleshoot?

Any help is appreciated

Have you tried running the HiveOS Vega specific image? I’m currently testing HiveOS with Radeon VII’s and am running into the same issue. About to try the Vega image. Will post back with how it goes.

Just started having the same issue with Asus Rog Strix vega 56 yesterday.
Have been mining with it well for about 2 weeks, then, after adding a new card (gigabyte vega 56) it wouldnt load bios.

When adding the new card i also added a server PSU (hp1200) and ran the new gigabyte and the asus from that. Since doing that the gigabyte was running fine and the asus stopped.

What i have now found is by putting the asus vega back on the original psu (corasir 750) that runs the mobo and another vega56 it is working again. Same pcie slot, same everything else, just different psu. Possibly it doesnt like being on a different psu to the mobo?

Did you get it resovled? where is this “HiveOS Vega” image? Im having same issue

You saved my life ! I Had exactly the same problem !


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