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Gpu not listening to power limit even though under parameters

Parameter of the card is 60w. I set it on 70w but it still pulls 100w. Why is this?

It’s BIOS issue: PL locked. You need reflash with new bios. You can try find new one on

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If it’s a Palit Dual, you’ll need a newer bios. Follow this guide:

  1. run this command: nvidia-smi --query-gpu=gpu_name,vbios_version,pci.device_id,pci.sub_device_id --format=csv
  2. note the device ID (ABCD1234) and subdevice ID (EFGH5678)
  3. reverse them by 4: 1234-ABCD-5678-EFGH
  4. edit this link with the correct ID at the end:
  5. download the newest bios and flash it
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Thank you for the informative reply. Never knew nvidia have these problems.

thank you sir.

Hello, I flashed latest bios but PL still locked. Any other reason? It’s a palit 1060 6gb super jetstream and palit dual 1060 6gb.