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Gpu not detect

My Rx 580 not detect on pci slot 5 i also change riser cable but it still not working

Does the card work by itself?

When the card is connected to the last to the 5th pci of motherboard than its stuck. And after remove it the remaining card works fine again

is it the card or the slot thats the issue?

Cards its ok but maybe the slot issue

i have rig in which motherboard lan port auto disable, which cause the rig offline but my rig is on after restartinh the lan ports works but sometimes when rig is online the lan port create issue some time the issue is resolve when i restart my system. can have any solution that the rig lan port work fine

Running the latest bios?

yes bios is latest

Access the BIOS and disable everything you are not using; serial ports, parallel port, audio, bt, etc. Also make sure all the PCI slot speeds are set to GEN2.

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