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GPU missing unit suddenly

Yesterday my mining rig suddenly stopped mining and the only warning it gives me on the HiveOS console is “missing unit” for both gpu’s. These Gpu’s aren’t even a month and I’ve been monitoring their temperature pretty regularly so they can’t have died so fast any have any ideas why this is happening

why cannot anybody respond to this question? all responses do not question or solve this issue. any moderators out there want to pull there dick out of a hole to give a resolution?

I have the same issue mate.
I have already try everthing:

  • Mainboard Bios Update, Set PCI-E slots to GEN2 (in Bios), Re-install Hive-OS, Check multiple times cables, plugs and as well the risers

I think HiveOS is very unstable.
I will test another OS. I wasted too much time with HiveOS unnecessarily

Hi, there was some changes done by HiveOS May 14-16, 2022 and now have two cards GPU missing unit! Check Cards two have vbios bad!!


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