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GPU Linux New Install - Security Concerns

I’ve installed the Linux GPU version and just playing with it.
I found that;

  • set passwd root does not work, and the root password keeps being reset to the default 1
  • user is a sudoer and the password is in freetext in the vnc text file and is stored on the hiveos portal

Seems to me, the box can be open to malicious actors and is not safe for installing any other mining s/w.
I was thinking to use the excess CPU capacity to do chia plotting on the same box. I installed the chia gui (full node) and now realize the private keys would be (potentially) exposed on the box.

  • why can’t the root passwd be set and retained?
  • if user is a sudo, how can we be sure that the system can’t acted upon from something within the hive network?

sorry for the knob questions. i am new to mining

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