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GPU keeps dropping off to 0 hashrate on one my rigs

One of my 3060Ti keeps dropping off to 0 hashrate on one my rigs, happens everyday and it’s annoying af.

I am dual mining ETH+Ton

I keep rebooting and reset OC for it to start mining again but then all of sudden will go to 0 hashrate. What seems to be my issue?

This is my card with the current OC settings I was using

GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 7982 MB · EVGA

Hynix GDDR6 · 94.04.6B.00.9A · PL 100 W, 240 W, 260 W

80 Fan %

1450 Core Clock

1500 Mem Clock

180 PL %

Have you opened the miner inside the shell to see what its saying before it stops mining?

do i have to keep shell open or can I look back into logs to see when the card drops hashrate??

Either should work as long as you have logs enabled

I have logs enabled but what command do I use to look the logs, and what do you think I should be looking for in the logs? if my 3060Ti keeps dropping hashrate to 0