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GPU is seen but does not register as an NVIDIA GPU

hello all
i am trying to trouble shoot why my farm sees my GA 104 [RTX 3060 TI LHR] but when i run the command gpu-fans-find it returns NO AMD or NVIDIA found. when i run the command nvidia-info it returns No Nvidia GPUs found or driver not loaded. the driver is 470.63.01.
can someone help me in finding out where the issue is?
thanks in advance

Hi there,
I have exactly the same issue.
Have you found a solution to this problem?
Thanks in advance.

hello satsholder-
my issue was due to the os that i was told to use. i was told to install beta version since i was using RTX 3060 TI cards. someone else said is should be using the stable version. once i switched to that version everything stated to work out perfect.

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Good to know you have found a solution.

My true issue was a corrupted HiveOS instal.

Now, trying to find the HiveOS version which recognises all the cards in my rig.
I’ll probably write another post as the issue with the 3070 cards isn’t common.

so when you get up and running tell me about your rig. what cards are you running and what are you mining. also how long did it take for you to mine one coin.
for my rig i am running 2 RTX 3060 TI. one Zotac and one EVGA. i am mining ERGO and mine 1 coin every 3 days. one thing i have learned is the the EVGA card does not perform as good as the Zotac card. the configs are higher for 40 MH less.
just curious as to what other miners are doing and how they are doing.

Hi @wnarretto
I’m mining with 10 RTX 3060 Ti LHR at average 130+ MH/s every day three coins :wink:
Maybe this helps a bit: ERGO 12-GPU Rigging 10x 3060Ti, 1x 3070 & 1x 2070

pretty cool set up. your screen shot really shows your outputs. some of your configs are very close to mine i will try to mimic your settings to see if i can get the same hash rate for the zotac. one question tho… are you afraid of killing your fans by running them at 100%? thanks for sharing your rigs info. it recertifies that you can make money at this mining. now i just need to get 10 more cards to fill out my rig.

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i forgot to say 3 coins per day… waayyy cool!!! :partying_face:

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My Rigs are installed in a very small room in the basement… therefore I have to fight against the heat! :wink: Although it’s normally cool down there I have momentary room temps of 26°C to 28°C :sweat: (with outdoor temps of just 10°C)
This is the reason the fans are running at full speed. It’s much cheaper for me to replace a defect fan than a defect graphiccard! :laughing: :+1:

gotcha. :+1:

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