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GPU has fallen off the bus

Hi all,

I have this rig:

4 nvidia 1660 super, 2 RX 570 8gb, with 800w, 750w and 650w 80 plus bronze cert PSU supply, all connected on a asus b250 mining expert mobo.

The problem is that when I plug the 5th GPU, I’m getting the error shown’d on the first picture. No matter which GPU, on any order or any place of the mobo, when I plug in the 5th GPU, it will throw this error. Whit 4 GPU works fine, no matter which GPU it’s plugged into mobo. I’m using the latests drivers.

Any idea of what can be causing this issue? I’ve been reading over google for more than 2 hours, but didn’t find any solution for this particular issue.

Best regards

Memory on your system ( 8 gb of ram?)

Connect your cards with this order…b250miningexpert

hi! thanks for your reply. yes, it have 2x4 gb, sorry for not detailing it since the begining. i’ll try your suggestion from the bottom. thanks a lot!

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Can I use rtx 2080 instead of the p106 for 19 gpu?

the answer is ,you can try it…

Do you use a pCIe x16 extender for slot no. 4 or what other ways can you connect the 4th GPU? I am just receiving the first part for my first rig and I see now that there is not much space to connect a GPU directly to the motherboard. I have PCIe risers for upto 10 pcie slots to run my rx 5700 xts.

I am having the same issue did you have any luck figuring it out?

I also have this problem and I too have 8gb RAM.
What was the advice of nanial ?
Was it only that scheme for placing the cards ??

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