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GPU for mining: informations

Good evening. I’m using teamredminer for ETH mining and I’m usig 2 GPU with bios mod:
1xSapphire RX570 8G - ETH 27Mh/s and the Power Consumption is 120W - Memory type: Micron
1xSapphire RX570 4G - ETH 20Mh/s and the Power Consumption is 120W - Memory type: Hynix
Has somebody a bios mod to increase the hashrate and reduce the power consumption?
Can somebody tell me something about RX5700 GPU series? What type is the best? What about the consumption and the Hashrate?
I don’t know if to buy another RX570-580 8Gb or if to sell my GPUs and buy a RX5700.
Thank you very much for the suggests.
Bye Alex

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