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GPU fault detected:147


A make small farm with 2x570 + 1x470 card. Some time per day i have some error on monitor: GPU fault detected:147 (


Farm log is ok, hashrate is ok, all card work fine. what card generate his error ?

Issue related to GPU with bus id (address) 0000:01:00.1 and usually it’s GPU0 - card or riser inserted to first PCI-E x16 slot
Small reducing OC (usually Mem Clock) will help …

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BIG tnx man !

Do u have list like that

0000:01:00.1 = first PCI-E x16 slot
0000:0x:00.x = XXX PCI-E x16 or PCI-E x1 slot

It’s very individual for each motherboard except first PCI-E slot which usually 0000:01:00.0 (sorry there 0 at the end, 1 - for GPU HDMI Audio)
Leading zeroes also doesn’t matter (on Hive’s dashboard shown as 01.00.0)
For example:

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second BIG tnx !

I had same problem on an RX570 card. As indicated in very first post “everything was fine including mining”. Reduced core and memory clocks helps clear it. For this card error free running means 1.1 MH lower hash rate.

My questions is: What might be consequences of this error? Does it lead to dead for good GPU?

Since my card is an old one, I would like to gain as much as I can just without breaking it.