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Gpu fault detected 146 Rx580 4GB

My 4 x Rx580 4GB Rig Stopped mining yesterday randomly. Its flagging up a 146 gpu fault.

I’ve tried replacing risers
Tested all cards one at a time
Swapped psu
Added more ram
Swapped pools
Swapped miner software versions
Swapped from Eth to Etc
Updating board software

Without changing the mother board or hard drive Ive swapped everything.

Could be a DAG problem.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

I’ve replaced the motherboard, ram and psu
I’ve removed all over clocking
Reduced Memory OC
Nothing works!!

This has to be a HiveOS issue

Hi friend
if your hiveos is on flash memory, change it to hdd or sdd

switch to eth with lol miner and zombie mode
add “–keepfree 5” to your lolminer configuration(extra config arguments)

use this oc profile for your cards:
(You can use this ranges for parameter or use mySetting for your cards. it depend on your cards brand and can different with mine)
core clock: 1100-1130 mySetting 1120
core voltage: 790-815 mySetting 810
memory clock: 1960-1985 mySetting 1985
(attention: my cards is sapphire nitro+ rx 580)

I hope that it work :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey there thanks so much for your ideas, l give it a go.
Currently using a HD, tried reflashing onto another HD.

I’ll give lol miner a go with the new configurations. Sounds great.

I’ve tried everything for OC settings including using no OC. So crazy. Ive Gpu mined for years and also used HiveOs for a long time. This has broke me haha.

I’ll let you know what happens.
All the best!

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Hi . Did you solve your problem? I also encountered this problem. I started using teamredminer and it works fine. But phoenix or lol keeps giving errors. I couldn’t find the problem.

Asus Dual Rx 580 8GB

Hi there! Lol miner works okay now on Hive in zombie mode. Bizarrely if you put one gpu directly into the Motherboard it mines fine at decent MHs. But if I put any cards onto risers it mines at half speed. Ive given up and sold most of my 4GB cards now.

what does keepfree do?

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