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GPU fault detected: 146 on rx 570 rig

Whats that for?

new cards RX*** BIOS Polaris - not supported Linux
this problem is often with the new Saphire

Is it possible to solve it? How do I know wich GPU is the problematic one? I can track it in the gpu list in hive since it is the one who is getting invalid shares, how do I know which one is physically?


That’s mean memory errors but GPU try recover it.
Just reduce Mem OC by 5-10 MHz for GPU with bus id 03:00
It will be enough

How to find which GPU is
Look to your screenshot

find on Overview tab which GPU is … e.g.

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Hi guys I have the same problem with one of my cards. I set up the system and it was runnig smooth for a week or so then afterwards I see this error on my monitor. no change in hashrate but some invalid shares on this card. I tried to relieve the card OC and UV yet noting changed. I also tried another riser but it did not work. Can you give advice?


Did you get this sorted? I have the same issue. 6 x RX570 4GB cards stable for years just went down 3 weeks ago. Replaced every part, ram, cpu, psu, hard drive, all risers, new board. Tried each card individually. When the gpu is direct into motherboard PCI slot without risers it mines fine, remove card and use riser in the same slot 146 fault is flagged up. Ive replaced all risers so its not risers. Ive tried changing board bios, pci speed settings too. This is a joke! Putting memory clock down doesnt work, changing miner software. changing pool, removing all OC doesnt work. What the hell is going on?

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No It is still going on. but it is just one card for me. and it is mining even when hive shows this error constantly. I couldn’t find any solution for this.

Hey guys I was having this issue as well and may have some suggestions to help. I tested each card individually and made sure each would actually start finding shares regardless of the hashrate. I discovered a few of my cards would get this error and cause the system to crash. I flashed back to the original bios on these cards and got 2/3 of the cards to be stable again, albeit at a lower hashrate. Still trying to troubleshoot the third card but it’s looking like I’ll need to replace thermal paste and pads on that one.

Im having same problem , but the gpus are mining ok!!
should i fix it or it is ok leaving like this???

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having the same error, stable for weeks, and now a disaster!!! rx580

Could you solved it??? Why a disaster now? What happened??? Im scared haha

no men, stuck, i am trying old versions really old versions of hiveos, wish me look

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What will happen if i just leave it like this?
its my only solution now hahaha :laughing:

no the best idea

this error is new and i see a lot of people gettin it. I am gettin in rigs that were stable for months. The developers are noticed about this. In the telegram chat is very common for this days, but the only suggestion is reinstal hive os, and that does not fix it.

I have the Hiveos installed and flashed on a Pen-Drive.
I changed the pen drive slot in the motherboard , did not solved the problem , but a new error appeared…
I wont turn off my miners , I will leave it like that until I get a solution. Thanks very much dear Giuseppe!

Same error, Rx570 8GB cards (2 of them) both are new. Happens with OC and without OC.

Switching from Phoenix Miner version (5.5b) to version (5.4c) in the flight sheet seemed to have fixed the error for me. Found this in another post: GPU fault detected 146


I just got this error on a new 480/580 8g rig. It mines fine but shows this error. Strange.

This solved my issue too. It was happening for all 4 gpus in the worker. Thank you

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