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Gpu error

I’m having problems with the rig for 2 days now. I have 2 1660 super, 2 1660 ti and 1 3060 ti lhr. At 3060 ti lhr, it started showing an error while mining, the gminer miner kept restarting the rig all the time. from 50mh it was dropping to 19mh and it keeps showing an error message instead. I changed the riser, but the error continues, I changed the input on the motherboard and it still gives error. I don’t know what else to do. need help.

are you on the latest stable hiveos image/kernel?
using locked core clocks?
if so, lower mem clock on the crashing cards adn reboot. repeat until stable

I have some 3060ti lhr that will only run with memory as low as 1450 and get 57~MH, otherwise it crashes the miner just like yours.

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