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GPU error timeout with version 0.6-204 and 0.6-205. Not on 0.6-203

I’ve been having an issue where one of my GPU’s will cause TeamRedMiner to forcefully exit due to a communication timeout error. This only happens on the newer versions of HiveOS, 204 and 205. 203 was and is still working fine. Never had this error on this rig before on any older versions either.

For the time being, I have no issue with running an older version. Just wondering why this issue only persists on the newer versions, as one day I would like to upgrade rather than staying on an older HiveOS build indefinitely.

I’ve read that others on this forum have had similar issues with the newer HiveOS builds. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Rig consists of 6x5700’s. (Not a popular opinion, but these are unreliable PoS cards, anyone want to trade for turing cards? Lol jk. Any insight would be appreciated.

I have the same issue after todays update with my rig (6 x 1660s Nvidia)
I’m triying to downgrade but couldn’t help.

I’m using T-rex miner btw, after downgrading ver 203 it looks fine. I’ll update for any issues.

On my radeon vii rig, I updated it to 205 to test it out and each card lost about 2MH/s compared to 203. Didn’t change any settings either.

Hopefully someone can shed light on what’s going on here…

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