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GPU error causing reboots

Is anyone familiar with this error? I’ll try swapping the riser cables as soon as I get a chance to see if that is the issue. The GPU causing this is an HP RTX 3060Ti. The interesting thing is it didn’t have any issues for a few days, now this happens every 30 min to 2 hours.
[Sun Jul 31 17:22:58 2022] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:08:00): 31, pid=5380, Ch 00000000, intr 00000000. MMU Fault: ENGINE HOST2 HUBCLIENT_ESC faulted @ 0x1_00060000. Fault is of type FAULT_PDE ACCESS_TYPE_VIRT_READ

Try a more conservative memory clock on that card from the error, if that doesn’t help rule out all riser/cables/psu variables

Yes. It looks like it was the memory OC. I left it running with no memory OC for half a day and it didn’t have a single issue. Now it’s been running for about 4 hours with 1000 mem OC and no issues so far. I’ll keep increasing it slowly until it gives me the error again. I shouldn’t expect too much from an HP GPU. The interesting part is that it ran well for a few days with 2200 mem OC.

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