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GPU DRIVER ERROR with NBMiner 41.0v

Hi!! my firends!..
I have a problem, with my farm. The system show a error with drivers. I tried with this comand " replace hiveos -s", but the problem is continuios. all problems started when i upgrade hiveos anda run NBMiner 41.0v with drivers version 510.62. I need help :(.
Sorry , my inglish is bad, i tried explain the problem.

this is my cards

Your core clocks are too low to start. Find the max stable mem clock and the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate.

The card crashing is gpu 3 in your error, so you’ll likely need to lower the mem clock on that one.

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Also, use the latest version of the miner you want to use. Nbminer is at 41.5 now.

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what do you think would be the best clock for my cards? before in the 3080 cards, the clock cpu was there in 1100Mhz and memory in 2200Mhz. The 3070 cards, in 1000Mhz cpu and 2400Mhz in memory. But has had many packages rejected.

Follow the comment I posted above. The best clocks for each card will be unique. You need to fine tune the oc per card

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thankz for help me!

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