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GPU driver error - problem

Hello im beginner and this is my first rig. Please i dont see information on hiveOS about my cards… Temps, memory etc is missing. Please where is a problem? Whe we flash disk and start rig, hiveos show all our cards but without information… Thank you so much for your help…

hiveOS was installed latest 14.3.2022

Try one card by itself, do you have display output from it?

i try 4 cards only and to riser i put pcie cable not sata … and i see now card info but still dont have temperature… please what can i do it

You are fighting very low level issues, as your GPUs are not being discovered correctly/fully.

In the single picture you posted, the memory is “unknown” and it is unlikely you will get far until that is resolved.

Follow Keaton’s suggestion, (1) GPU. Hopefully placed directly in a 16x PCIe slot. Directly powered with a 6+2 cable without any splitters. Direct connected to a local monitor. Motherboard with these settings:

Image 1-18-22 at 2.00 PM

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