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Gpu driver error no temps

Hello guys let me introduce you to my problem i had 2x3080 and 2x3070 rig it worked very well for about 9 months now the problem occured when i aded one 3080 and one 3060 to my rig im constantly getting" gpu driver error no temps" when i start my worker with no OC it works but keep overheating my 3080 gpus to 100c memory temperature when i touch them on rig they are cold im not sure what is the problem, somehow as soon as i change OC for one of my 3080 it starts rebooting

Don’t run with no oc. Set core clocks at a minimum (locked core clocks only, no offsets)

when i run with no oc at all it automatically boots my worker ive managed to find OC for my 2x3070 and my 3060 i just cant find the right ones for 3080s this message pops all the time

the goal is to find the highest stable mem clock and then the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. a 3080 nonlhr will be around 1080mhz.

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