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Gpu driver error , no temps :/

hello minners hope your doing fine

i am having some trouble with my rig and I would really appreciate YOUR HELPP!

On my rig I have 2x3080 zotac AMP holoblack.
And 4x3070 MSI Ventus 2x. Power supply 1800watt, Asus z490-p, i3 10100, 8GB ddr4

I am getting the message “GPU DRIVER ERROR, NO TEMP” quite often, I downgraded Hive image to 0.6-203@210403 and Nvidia drivers to 460. 67.

The rig will run with no errors for couple of minutes
and then again it displays the error message and reboots.

it was running on t-rex miner then I tried different miners like lolminer, etherminer and sadly I’m getting a HIGH LOAD AVERAGE though the system crashed and reboots.

I kinda fixed the high load average problem by lowering oc to mem 1800 on the 3080 but i get low effecicency when i do so :confused:

I changed Thermal pads for one of my 3080 temp is good 50 'C stable. also i added thermal pads on the small rams next to the core ( maybe is there a sensor and i shouldn’t add pads ?!)

I would like to know if its is a software issue maybe I should try a different invidia driver/ hive image or OC settings
(i check that high load average can be fixed with bios update)

or a hardware issue (power supply isn’t enough, Risers, ups…)
most of the risers are connect with a 6pin to 2x6pin splitter and 2x3070 connected with Molex cable.

SOORY for the long message i wanted to send you the full story so you would know my situation.

thank you in advance

My overclock for the zotac 3080 are

200 core +1800 mem PL 230w fan 76%
temp 50°c I get 96.5 mhs for both gpus

For the 3070 msi 2x OC are
3x 1100 core 2600 mem pl 125w
and 1 3070 pl set at 118w because it was getting hotter than the other 3070s
even though they are the same gpus

I get 62. 37 mhs for 3x3070 Temps 48-53°C
and 61.5 mhs for the 3070 temp 55°C

auto fan is disabled , whachdog also disabled

helllppp please !!

did you solve this?

i have the same problem

I have similar problem with 3070ti mining raven,didnt solved too,any help?

The problem is the oc, had the same with 3070ti just not OC or 100 2000 worked.

What is your oc?
I use absolut clock for three cards gpu 1300 mem 2250 pl 270 and have 39.3 mhs and on one problematic card i just set pl to 270w and she produce 35.6 rock solid.

It happens with my AMD rigs, when i overclock’em too much.
The sequence is following:

  • stop miner
  • clear all overclocking from ALL GPUs
  • start miner and check either it runs smoothly
  • apply more soft overclock parameters.

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