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GPU driver error, no temps,

Hi every one, For some hours I ve been facing such error and althoug I ve tried many things no way to get the miner started. Can anyone help me about this issue, I ve RX580 8GB, Card actually perfectly functioning in Windows with LoL miner. I installed it on main board and tried on hiveos as single but no way :frowning: :frowning: I m looking for you replies and apraciate in advance.


I’m also having this error. Following here.

I still can not use Rx580 due to this reason, keeping eye on it for a solution :frowning:

Hi, I got a feedback from support telling me , the issues shown up due to wrong OC settings, I didnt know what was wrong with the settings but after updating the settings from the advised list GPU started to mine. You may check your OC settings as well. Greetings.

I think should be something with API. In my case setting are ok, but cannot upgrade to last release after the last stable. Seems like doesn’t import configuration during boot.

Hello, i has the same problem . 1-3 times in a day the error appears and i need to reboot.

I have updated drivers and hiveos version

Check riser & PSU connections , if possible swop out riser with known good one.

As same problem with only 1 gpu
Other 3 gpu is fine why this happend!!

I’m hitting this as well, I had to downgrade to @210403 as release x@210519 was not working for rig with RX480/580 4gb mining etchash, it does seem to be related to OC’s, as I cleared and restarted, came online mining then when i applied some conservative settings it went offline again, maybe it is api in regards to AMD 400/500 cards. I also experienced Hiveos not shutting down or rebooting and rig went offline so not communcation for updates, I couldn’t even force a shutdown on power pins. I’m thinking I may have to take this rig out of Hiveos and run a windows install on it.

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Got same issue here. All GPU’s are NVIDIA. Rig freezes every time I try to do something ie… change the miner or flight sheet. Gpu driver error, no temps… have to manually reboot as non of the hive os functions work. I’ve booted it works ok apart of big amonunts of rejected shares… tried risers, downgrading OC settings, reinstalling Hive OS, downgrading… and the rest! It’s been 4 days like that! Before no problems what so ever!
Any help ??? I’m thinking about moving to windows now!

I had the same problem yesterday, and I also tried all the things which you mentioned, including flashing the GPU’s with the same rom. In the end I reviewed the mining stats and identified the GPU which was causing the issues, and I just reseated that card. If all started to work correctly, and the rig as been stable for the last 30 hours mining ETH.

I’m getting the same problem since the last 2 days.

Using version 0.6-204@210608, using t-rex, all nvidia cards.

Anyone managed to fix the problem?


hello how you are reinstall your card ?

My cards are installed in a mining case which is riserless, so the cards are inserted directly on the motherboard and I just removed them and reinserted the cards, and this fault as not reoccured since.
However, I had this recurring problem with one of the 3070 cards, and this was a hardware fault and the card was returned to the manufacture under warranty and they provided a refund because they no longer make this non-LHR version of the card, so they could not provide a replacement or fix the card.

okay you had no luck

Pour ma part j avais le même problème et pas de problème apparent sur le câble j ai chercher un bon moment avant de changer quand même les câbles et depuis plus de soucis peut être une piste intéressante pour ce peobleme