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GPU Driver Error, No Temps, Rebooting (please help)

I’m still getting this error on only one card after tinkering around with the OC settings. The identical card is fine however. I even changed out the riser to try and rule that out. Is my card toast?

What ocs are you running on that card? Typically this is due to too aggressive mem clocks.

Gpu 1 and gpu 2 did have the same OC before this

Gpu 2 is the one giving me problems

Not the greatest OCs there.

Use locked core clocks on all 30 series, no power limit needed. The core offset plus power limit is likely causing your issues. After switching to locked core clocks, reduce mem clock when you have any crashes and reboot. Repeat until stable.

Also, they run better on the latest drivers, you can upgrade your base image and drivers by running hive-replace -s -y Or by downloading and reflashing the latest image from hives server.

ok, did all of that and it seems stable again. However i’m now getting a really low HR on GPU 2 and “nvidia settings applied with errors”, a power limit error . Any suggestions now?

you seem to have increased the mem clock, if its not stable (driver errors) you want to reduce it and reboot. repeat until stable.

also, youll get better results with trex or lolminer.

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