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GPU Driver Error No Temps / GPU Hang / GPU Dead

I’m not sure if this would help you, but you can try. In my case, it seems to have solved my problem.

I was having this “GPU Driver Errror, No Temps” all the time. It was hard to get the miner working for continuos hours. But watching a BIOS Mining tutorial I found out that I didn’t follow all the steps in the BIOS setup (Motherboard BIOS Settings For Mining | The Basics - YouTube).
So I went to the BIOS and ENABLED “4G Decoding”, and also turned all the PCIe from “Auto” to “GEN 2” (everywhere I saw that option). Applied changes, booted in Maintenance Mode, then started the miner.

Haven’t had any problem since then. It’s been super stable since I turned on the miner, and keeps going.
I’m not sure which of the two options (4G decoding / GEN 2) made my rig not crash again, but for now I’ll leave it like that.

I’m using 6 Sapphire Pulse RX 66600 (non xt)
Asus Rog Strix B450-F Gaming II
Ryzen 3 5600

Share your experiences!

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