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GPU driver error, no temps -> Galax 3070ti

hi guys I’m having a problem with my Galax 3070 TI gpu error: GPU driver error, no temps
config: t-rex
clock: 1000
memory: 2000
hiveos it gives the error “GPU driver error, no temps”
and turn off the monitor screen.
motherboard b550m msi motar
ryzen 5600x processor
ram: 16gp ddr4 2600
I’m desperate, hope someone can help me

Reduce mem clocks, if that doesn’t help replace riser and cables and try again

I already did that and I think I will have to change the gpu
my gpu is at 55mh
core clock: 1000
memory clock 1000

I saw in some forum that if you increase memory clock to 2000
I will reach 58mh
but when i increase the memory clock the gpu error

I did several clock tests and it never reaches 58mh I use the t-rex and the latest nvidia drive

i think i will have to change my gpu

did work? i have GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 7982 MB · ZOTAC
Same error here
GPU driver error, no temps

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