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GPU Driver Error no temp, without OCs

I have a 10x3060ti rig that ran for over 30 days straight with no problems. All of a sudden I get the error GPU error, no temps every 10-20 minutes. Even when I removed the OCs completely, the error comes every 2-3 hours. Did anyone have any idea what this could be?

Don’t remove OCs altogether, that’s just as bad or worse than typical “bad” OCs.

Leave your core clocks set, (make sure you’re using locked core clocks for cards that support it) and reduce memory clock and reboot.

thanks for your response but still same problem

What clocks are you running?

-502 1350 1350 1350 -502 1400 1250 -502 1350 1350

this rig ran for over 30 days straight without any problems. I guess it could also be something hardware wise?

Like I said before, use locked core clocks for all cards, don’t use offsets at all.

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