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Gpu driver error asus

Hi. I have got a 5 cards rig. 2 nivida 3 asus tuf.

I have added today another gpu asus tuf 3080 lhr to my rig and straight away I had gpu driver error.

Any ideas how to fix this?

I have read some and lots of people say it is oc settings

After I disconnected the new card,rig is working fine.

So than new card cause a problem.

I enclose screenshots.

What I have tried .

I setup delay for overclock 60s and system starts normally but after that time ,crashed again.

Do you think it might be oc settings issue?

Do I have to reset all settings and start from beginning again?

Any help would be appreciated.


Lower mem clock and reboot, repeat until stable.

One more. Is it important to have newest nvidia driver. I have got 470 ver and know there is new version available

Lower only on that one new card?

The card in pcie bus location 0a:00 that’s giving errors.

Any time a card errors, reduce the oc.

Always best practice to run the latest software and drivers.