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GPU Driver error - 3070TI

Hello. I’m getting this issue with my 4 3070ti. I can’t get past 2375 mem and I get this error:

Core clock 900

I’ve seen a lot of guys using 3070ti with 2500 in mem.

Already tried with nbminer, lolminer, t-tex, etc…

Driver version 510.60.02

Fresh install everything new.

The card are EVGA 3070TI FTW3

Already tried changing risers, etc. My setup is perfect, i’m an experienced miner, but I don’t know what’s is happening.

It’s stable on 2200 only.

thats normal, not all cards will OC to the same levels

But I just want to se 80mhs hahh If I increase core can I obtain a little gain? What can I do to get the 80mhs stable? It’s all I want haha

find the highest stable mem clock on each card, and the lowest locked core clock for each that maintains full hashrate. you prob can still average over 80 for all still

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