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Gpu detected dead

Hey, guys.
I was having a graphic card death problem.
I’ve tried many ways, but the problem hasn’t been solved.
The situation has become more complex.
That’s where she dies all the time.
But recently I tried changing the 8-pin power cable.
And now I’m a little bit of a card death problem.
This was my experience, and I’m satisfied with it right now.
4 to 8pin cable power
Now it’s 10 to 12 hours.

Dead how? where did you see its dead? when the miner starts? usually i get dead card when i push the OC settings too much and when i lower them it fixes the problem.

teamredminer: GPU 2: detected DEAD
I reduced the oc, but the problem remained.
And finally I found that problem of psu.

Hey buddy, how did you finally manage to get it worked?

I have the same issue and it is really annoying.

I am using 6 pin to power my 6800*2 and they just constantly dropped off with either teamred or phoenix miner

I have the same problem, as soon as I put it to mine, it says that the plate is dead. even if I lower the OC, it gives the error.

I solved the problem by turning off autofan.
It sounds crazy but it solves

i had the same issue, i was using Gminer, try using teamredminer. this worked for me

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