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GPU current settings (core, voltage, DPM, etc.) display

Any reason we don’t pull the current setting for


core freq, voltage, mem freq

the way we pull the power stat image from amdgpu_pm_info?

local power='0'
	[[ -e /sys/kernel/debug/dri/$cardno/amdgpu_pm_info ]] &&
		power=`cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/$cardno/amdgpu_pm_info | grep -m1 '(average GPU)' | awk '{printf("%d", $1)}'`
	[[ -z power ]] && power='0'

its all there:

 2130 MHz (MCLK)
 1130 MHz (SCLK)
 812 mV (VDDGFX)
 53.239 W (VDDC)
 16.0 W (VDDCI)
 81.158 W (max GPU)
 82.85 W (average GPU)

I’ve ran into a few cases where some of the cards are not at the actual VDDGFX value that amd-oc tried to set. Usually another run of amd-oc fixes it…

Hi…Overclocking is a process of trial and error and requires patience to achieve the desired results. You should always let your hardware run with each set of new Overclocking Profiles for some time to see if those specific parameters will stay stable. Hardware can behave differently sometime yelding unpredictable results. One way to see if your overclocking changes were successful is whether or not you start getting rejected shares.

yes, I’ve been doing this for a while and understand the process. I was asking the developers to change the code for how they source and display the core freq, voltage, and mem freq. The suggestion was to use amdgpu_pm_info vs. displaying what you tried to set with amd-oc.