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Gpu crashing

hello everyone .
My xfx gpu is crashing in hive os
My motherboard
asus z87-pro—processor i3 4th gen----4gb ram ddr3
overclock setting
core- 1150
core voltage- 860
core state -1
memory- 1920
memory state- 1
memory voltage- 0
refreshing tweak is 30
but continuously crashing please help me.

i fail to see the GPU model… What do you mine? By the settings you use i can tell its AMD RX series am i right? put core clock 1112 core voltage 850 and memory 2000 and see where it goes.

brother its amd rx 580 xfx
and i put your setting but still crashing . some time its not crashing but after 2 or 3 hour later again crashing.

and brother my gpu chip is micron and i mine Ethereum.

Ref should ne 20. Micron is good memory. Remove the mem state and put core clock 1150.

still not crashing i am check hour more and then i will inform you…

brother after 8 hour card freez . rig on but no display and hive show rig offline. but this time no crashing only card freez

well this is crashing since its not working, so fine tune the OC. maybe just a little more core voltage is needed like + 6 only.

whats the settings you are using now ? whats the hash rate?

28 mh/s hashrate given
and memory clock 2000

micron memory was able to go 2250 as i remember , but i think you should be able to set it atleast 2100 or 2200.

but brother this setting is crashing my gpu

Yeah i got it. When i used on my bios the one click fix i couldnt go above 2000 because it copied the straps from 1500 up to 2000. I guess you have similar problem. You need to compare with your original bios and see whats the difference and go one tier up. If the straps are the same 1500 up to 2250, try opening the stock bios and copy the straps from 1650 up.

ok i try and then inform you .

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