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GPU crash when I turn on the lights in the room

My mining rig is in my bedroom, whenever I turn on the lights in that room I hear the fans go supersonic. The miner (MiniZ) tells me that the GPU crashed, and I have to do a complete reboot for the rig to work again. Any ideas as of why this is happening and maybe how to prevent it?

I am using 2 power supplies in the rig, one ATX for the mobo and a server power supply for the GPUs and risers. Both PSUs are connected to the same double outlet in the wall.

Server PSU: HP 1200W PSU

Sounds like something is messed up with your wiring/power. 110 or 220v? Can you run the card off the atx psu?

According to the internet Norway uses 230v. The ATX psu doesn´t have enough wattage for the card I am using.

Id have an electrician look at your light/switch wiring. Maybe it’s cutting off a leg and making it go from 220 to 110? Or the other way around. Gotta test it and see.