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GPU & CPU mining at the same time

After mining for some time using Windows and MSI Afterburner on my rigs, I decided to try HiveOS on one of them as I’m supposed to be able to mine with my GPUs and CPU at the same time. I currently use gminer for GPU and CudoMiner for CPU. In HiveOS, I set up two miners in the flight sheet: Gminer for ETH and xmrig for XMR. Been running that flight sheet for 24 hours now and only ETH mining info is showing. Am I missing a setting or a step?

Figured it out: nanopool was refusing connections - even tried switching from US to EU servers. Switched to 2miners pool and problem is solved.

Good to know, thanks for sharing though.
by the way what CPU are you using for mine?
I have Ryzen 5 3600, wondering if I can use this for mining?

Mine is an AMD Ryzen 7 5800. You should definitely be able to use yours for mining.

I lost my CPU miner too, when I added a 6th GPU to the rig.
Later, I found out that 4 GB RAM weren´t enough. After adding 4 GB I was able to mine with all GPUs and the CPU at the same time.

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