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Gpu cooling with sub zero / "cold" air flow

Its still a while before fall and winter, but im thinking about my mining dungeon’s air flow and rig s cooling when we have sub zero celcius deg temps outside.
Now when heat wave have moved away for a while, some of my gpus have been running like @ 34/55 °C deg and that have got me thinking about lower temps…

I have option to keep my rigs mining space quite cold after summer … so, what do u guys think, what is the safe min temp for mining 24/7 365.?
A good air flow around cards should eliminate possible condensation and as long gpu s are warmer than ambient, condensation should not be any issue.?
Naturally must take into account the possibility that the rig hangs or shut down for some reason, so in that case blowing sub zero or “cold” air to gpu s might create issues… fan bearings is one that comes to mind that might suffer from cold.?
My rigs are all AMD, but imho i dont think that there is any difference on gpu brand related min temp s…?

So what do you think, what is min temp C° for core/mem that gpus are still safe to run for extended time?
Are temps below 30…20 C°… or even below 10 C° deg still safe for gpu life span ?

°C to °F converter

i dont think you will have a problem if the ambient temp is 10 deg C stable. But its not ok to shoot the 10 deg C airflow directly into the card if you are using something else than the fans on the GPU. if the cards go too cold you can always reduce the fan speed.

thank you for the repply.
Yes, my intention was to use fans for blow ambient cold air , could be that at winter time the incomming air is way colder, but i belive thats just a matter of adjusment of air flow rate…so basically plan is to circulate ambient cold air, no air con etc.
May be that i can use the heat from rigs to warm the house by moving warm air up from the basement to living areas… will see after few+ months how its working. thanks again

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