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Gpu are dseen but not able to oc

hello all
i just built a new rig with 2 Nvidia RTX 3060 TI. i am new to hiveos and set up with the beta os with the most current nvidia driver. my issue is that after creating the workers, flight sheet and the farm, i still have the issue where i cannot set the oc for the card. i get an error message
Detected 2 NVIDIA cards

No cards available for OC!
Please check BIOS settings, risers, connectors and PSU.
Try to update Nvidia drivers.

can someone help out so i can get into mining please?

What drivers are you running?
Also what version of Hiveos are you running.

I am no expert but have just set up my rig and I am running:
Hiveos version: 0.6-208@210818
Nvidea Drivers: 465.31

AM getting 42Mhs per card.

thanks westy for responding. i was going to mark my post with a resolution. i just figured out my problem. i was told to download the beta version since i have newer card but i talked to alchemy from red panda mining and he stated i don’t need beta cause it has other things that could make my farm run screwy and to use the stable version. i did and now i am up and running mining zcash. i chose that since i heard that eth is going to be not profitable soon. i am not running the same as you except for the hash rate. different blockchain.

by the way have you been mining long enough to earn at least one etherium coin yet and if so how long did that take if you do not mind me asking.

Nice… Always good to start on a stable Image first :wink:

Yes much more than 1.eth lol…
All depends on how much hashing. Power you have.
What. To mine has some great calculators to work out how much you will make and also how long to pay off your investment.

Re not. Mining eth… I will worry about that when the mining window closes. No point worrying about the things I cannot control.

lol good for you. grab all the eth you can before it goes belly up. i myself am thinking about changing to ergo or raven. i just got done doing some calculations on what i have done so far and it turns out that with only 2 rtx 3060 ti i will get 1 coin in approximately 163 days and that is if the stars are aligned the gods are smiling. i did some basic calculations for the other two coins and i will not be rich in 10 days but i have a chance to gain a crap load of coins per month so when it does go to the moon i could retire. :slight_smile:

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