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Gpu 580 480 setting for rvn to btc payout mining

I wanna do the rvn to btc payout setting with hiveos

my gpu is 580 n 480
do you haev any best setting for this setup?
with the fan, oc etc?

Check for a starting point

And to go into detail

core 1120 to 1180
dpm 3
mem 2000 samsung 2140 hynix/micron
=> 14.5 / some ZIL

core 1120 to 1140
mem 2000 samsung 2140 hynix/micron
=> 31.5 / 100 to 120 (31.3 / ~135 with NITRO+)

825 mV is very often hard to reach, 840 is more realistic
880 is even more realistic with hynix/micron for >2100 MHz mem

hashrate will vary a lot depending of the board and your t° environment

all this for 110W/board, 110W ‘AMD’, so close to 150W true