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GOODBYE HIVEOS what a nusance in my life

i dont understand how nicehash os can work for 6 months while im out of state but hive cant go for 6 hours without barfing on itself.

the community seams to be loaded with “check the riser” replies.
the walk troughs are out of date, flash vbios doesnt work, the os itself it unstable, patches to the instability bring their own set of new problems… the “help” stops responding, blames the hardware (that would work on nicehashos for 6 months while i was away)
im really not sure how people can use this os

selling these 2 stupid cards that only run on linux and leaving hiveos.

If you’re are unable to keep the system stable is because your lack of skills. There are plenty of people without problems with HiveOS (including myself).
So… happy mining with Nicehash!

ahh the blame game! nicehashOS worked for 6 months while i was out of state & my windows rigs are all solid… but go ahead and blame me! im liquidating the cards that are forcing me to use Linux and going back to windowz the nicehash OS is just a low-blow comparison.

Dude we dont have problems. Explain this…

im glad there are people who this works for!! but for me since i started using hive its been nothing but a problem. i had posts about things not working. here is where hive gets stuck for no valid reason (Gets stuck on block XXXXXXXX and wont move untill i look at miner screen?) there is also (Hiveos spends more time doing nothing than mining?) watchdog was on but was told it was bugged and to update, then the neverending update/glitch/update cycle began. very few people helped out, some posts went without replies. but i dog on hive and suddenly the community wants to show up??? what a useful community!

Dude why you flashed the cards with different bios? Wasnt working properly or what?

hasee cards are from the chinese market and driver locked with newest being 366.xx drivers… i bought one used and the prior owner flashed an EVGA bios onto it to try and bypass the lock… id like to put the correct bios on the card. go ahead and find some fault in that.

so did you manage to flash the bios to hasee?

Good luck with Nicehash…

My 10 series cards display 0 hashrate when I’m overclocking too much. the mt=4 may be too much for your cards. I have 1 1080 on mt=2 and another on mt=1 if that helps. I alter the mt settings based on which algo I’m mining.

Not sure why you’re praising NiceHash since they take a $0.25 to $1.00 profit from you daily (@ 245MH). It’s really noticeable on Keep in mind that NH mines the most profitable coin automatically, yet they’re never #1. Just checked RVN kawpow vs NiceHash Kawpow…There’s a $1.48 difference between the 2 @ 245MH.

Ditto too above…have had numerous issues with Nicehash in the past & it cost me money , left mined coin on their site out of frustration, know of fellow miners who have also lost assets…even the account closing process did not work…:grin:

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