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Gone is Hive OS Update 0.6-207@210808. How to return?

Good time everyone!

With the Hive OS update 0.6-207@210810, Mh / s dropped. How to roll back to 0.6-207@210808?

Thank you for your help!


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What miner? What GPUs - AMD / Nvidia / models?

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Look, do you have version 207 @ 210808 listed? I do not have this version listed.

I have restored the old version and I no longer have any problem, I have retested my MH from my 3070 …
I tested with gminer, trex, hiveos stable and beta, with the nvidia version even the version: 470.63.01
i have same problem

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I rolled back to version 207 @ 210808 but that didn’t change anything. Came back again at 207 @ 210810.
Again, nothing has changed. It probably depends more on hiveon and teamredminer.

Do you have a bios mod for your 6700 xt??
Your hashrate is really great!
Im just getting 46.5mh@77w

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This I showed what the hashrate was with version 207 @ 210808 Hive OS. After updating to 207 @ 210810, hash rate 46.54 MH, 90 W

There is still no update that corrects this problem …

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for information last update hiveos bug hashrate is fixed for me

0.6-210@210909 :penguin:
:uk: What’s new?

SYSTEM :desktop_computer:
:gear: Improved Nvidia OC (improved support for fanless and mobile GPUs; updated nvtool to v1.5.5)
:gear: Added support for AMD RX 6900 XT Ultimate (added definitions for AMD RX 6900 XTX/W6900X/RX 6700M/RX 6600M; added OC support for RX 6900 XTX known as RX 6900 XT Ultimate; fixed displaying name for RX 6700 XT with ASIC NAVI22 XTLH)
:gear: Improved update process (added GPUs re-detection after update; added attempt to fix broken packages)
:gear: Improved stratum latency checker ( more accurate data)
:gear: Fixed autofan (fixed critical temp action)
:gear: Fixed flashing NVidia GPUs in force mode

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