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Going from Var-Dif to Fix-Dif - Seeing less Shares per Day

Just to let you all know, after i had a brief chat with the sysadmins, because i was wondering why i saw less share per day on one of my rigs, as shown below:

This is due to a shift from Variable Difficulty to a Fixed Difficulty, and is not an error or issue as such.
What lead to this decision, and reasons for going this way, maybe someone could elaborate on in this thread.

You get a reward based on the number of shares and target difficulty. This does not affect the reward in any way.
Let’s say conditionally that 10 shares of 10 cents is 1 dollar, that 2 shares of 50 cents is also 1 dollar

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Yeah, I get that but thanks for explaining though.

What I’m saying is, there was a reason for which Var-Diff was chosen originally, like presumably there is a good reason for this change to Fix-Diff. What I’m wondering is, how will this affect miners over time, will it be more profitable to setup larger Rigs, will certain GPU’s no longer be AS profitable as before or maybe even in certain constellations… Basically I’m asking the WHY :slight_smile:

The pool guys are measuring and tuning for best results. There are quite a few recent posts on Discord.


  • Aggressively clearing stale share conditions, accounts, etc.

  • Admins mine on HiveOn too, so their results are tied to ours.

  • VarDiff post:

TíasJørnesson — Yesterday at 3:18 AM

[3:19 AM]
next to that we’ve also been tuning vardiff window for the last few weeks and now have it temporarily disabled even, in order to assess things in more detail.
[3:21 AM]
Naturally among other things too, all of which have already shown great - although short-term - improvements so far.

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Thanks for fishing out this info @Grea
So optimizing is the end game, THAT is a very good reason :slight_smile:

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