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Going back to NHOS until I find some documentation

Youtube doesn’t help on this. Why can’t I find any info on the various screens? What’s 0% mean? Why can’t I get any cards mining? Don’t know, can’t find info when I look. Reset to default – still doesn’t work. Still can’t find info to diagnose.
Hive says I’m usning 1.3KW (with no hashrates), my power meter says 300 watts. The cursor says it’s clickable, yet nothing happens when I do nor is there a popup with info.

Seriously, the UI on this forum makes it really hard to find what you’re looking for.

And for what it’s worth I use linux as a daily driver. So I like the command line. I just can’t waste time looking for information that apparently isn’t there.

Did you try test you power suply ?
Does the cables ok ?

Is it basic, but not everething is the OS.

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