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Gminer v2.67 BETA Unlock LHR

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can use Gminer v2.67 BETA! I have a 3080 Ti and would like to try Gminer instead of NBminer. Ths

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I have a 3070ti and I also have a problem with starting

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Version 2.67 already appears to use, then it automatically downloads to the miner! It takes a while to update, but it works correctly! My LHR is doing more MH/s (it went from 83/84 to 84/86) and the consumption seems to be lower than in MBMiner and here you have the lowest feeds! Good mining!

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I have performe the Hive update. How do you activate this 2.67 version ? The latest version in the miner setting is 2.66 !?

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Overclock 3080ti??

core 1450 mem 3200

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After updating HiveOs you have to restart the machine! When you do, go to the flight sheet, click on “…” and then edit! It will open the flight sheet and where it says “Miner” it says next to “setup miner config” click there! Then a window will open and at the bottom you can select the version you want!

pot limit? PL

Hi guys, I’ve done a couple of tests
core 1500 mem 3200 fans 79% PL 298
But actually it draws 206 watts and I do 85.23 mh / s
In additional options I put the following commands:
–lhr 1
–lhr_tune1 3
It lasts a while but then goes down after 30/40 minutes.

Thanks I got it.
But can’t succeed to go upper than 34 Mh for a 3060 rev1.
–lhr 1 and --lhr_tune2

I also have the same problem! In reality version 2.67 is still beta. So they must still be fixing errors! I went back to NBminer until the official version or some improved version came out! Because after trying it, I have a preference for Gminer! I experimented with several codes, but I think (from what I read) that the Gminer method, after some time, is detected by mining and goes back to taking with the LHR!

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On Gminer dont use, and on NBminer is 310!

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No for me it is good PL 298 goes perfect at 84.3 and I save 12 watts

valdria for thl v2 zotac 3060
Thanks for all. Greetings

Did you get it to work?

So I have the 4 3060s V1 connected to the risers but I can get max 26MH/s. Are you using 3060 v1 or v2? Also I don’t understand when to use --LHR_tune1 or tune2. I would have thought for the 3060 v1 to use tune1. Also when to use --lhr 1? I tried every combination but it doesnt get over 26Mh/s.

Are you running version 2.67? Anyway, this beta version of Gminer is still not the best option! From my experience and feedback from others, after 1 hour +/-, the LHR is reactive! I prefer Gminer too, but until they fix that, the best is still NBminer! Today there was also a version of Nminer, but I think it only improves consumption for now! That’s why I recommend using NBminer, you don’t need code or use beta versions! But as soon as something corrected out of Gminer, I recommend going back to Gminer because the fees are lower and it manages to have better temperature, stability and consumption!

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thanks for the information if it could be run in lhr v2 could you send me a greeting thanks for your information

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Claudio, try to low the number after the command
Try with lhr_tune2 -3 it is more stable


This is fantastic information since I owns two 3060 V1!

Since I can’t upgrade HiveOS right now (My MOBO issue), can someone confirm following?
-Will it unlock FULL hashrate for 3060V1? Then it should achieve around 45MH/s
-According to release note, it states “miner requires latest Nvidia drivers(470+)”, I’m not sure this is requirement for this unlock feature. Is it?