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Gminer - triple mining - ZIL issues

So i just started doing that triple mining thing, with Gminer, latest version - ERG - KAS - ZIL
Running on 3 rigs, but 1 rig is not generating any shares, after1-2 days of running and finding shares.

Didn´t change any settings from the day i started and it did find shares.
It does recieve a lot of jobs, just not finding any viable shares today.

Even got to the point now, where the rig doesnt show up in the Crazypool GUI.

Anyone else experiencing this or maybe even have a solution for this.?

whats the total hashrate on the rig thats not showing up?

are you using the same flight sheet on the other rigs?

Well, after a daay more, it seems that it might just be a matter of hashrate on the different rigs.

On ZIL the 2 culprits are at 36-38 Mh/s a piece. (3060 lhr´s), but after observing them, it seems that they change turns to find shares and not find shares.
Yesterday it was card 1 that didnt find any shares in half the day, now its the other.

But then again, i dont really know much about how ZIL works, so i assume thats the way it goes.

Using same flightsheet setting, same locks and all.

I do though have a suspicion that crazypool GUI is slightly F´ed up, as i havent been ablo to go get my stats for today, just getting a blank screen when trying to check the gui.

Crazy pools difficulty is a little higher than some of the other zil pools so it’s not abnormal to only find a share here and there. It should average out close to your reported hashrate still over time though. If you want more consistent pool side hashrate you’re gonna want around 300-400mh per rig minimum.