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GMiner - Triple mining ERG-KAS-ZIL

Have been mining other stuff for a while and just returned to doing triple mining.

One of my rigs on HiveOs is going to 0Mh/s within 60-70 minutes and cant figure out why and its starting to annoy me a bit.

Using same flightsheet as previously, did work flawlessly last week, OC good, not too much powerdraw, temps are just sweet, but for some reason, it keeps going to 0.

I did setup watchdog, to restart if below a certain hashrate, so it does that every 60-70 minutes.

Using Gminer 3.4.0, latest hiveos version, latest nvidia drivers.

Anyone experiencing same issue and have a solution.?


Tried downgrading to latest stable, still same issue/s.

Check the miner log and see what it’s doing before rebooting. Likely too aggressive oc is causing a crash